Champagne Aubry


歐布里香檳酒莊(Champagne Aubry)成立於1790年,位於Montagne de Reims的重要村莊Jouy-les Reims以及其餘三個一級園村莊Pargny-les-Reims、Villedommange, and Coulommes-la-Montagne。在石灰質與黏土層的土地外栽種除了現今較熟為人知的Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier之外,現任莊主雙胞胎兄弟Pierre及Philippe致力於復興古典十八世紀風格的香檳風味,並期盼重現香檳原有的優雅面貌;遂特別著重在種植香檳區當時的主要品種Arbanne, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris,並於1989年完成生產一系列的稀有酒款,以發揚Champagne AUBRY 歐布里家族的二百年榮耀。

The Twins / 家族裡同心協力的雙胞胎兄弟

The Aubry estate was founded in 1791 and in the village of Jouy-les-Reims in the western part of the Montagne de Reims. Twin borthers Pierre and Philippe farm parcels in the limestone and clay soils of Jouy, as well as sites in three other premiere cru villages: Pargny-les-Reims, Villedommange, and Coulommes-la-Montagne. Aubry also farms one and a half hectares of ancient grape varieties still permitted by A.O.C. law. Their plantings of Petit Mesilier, Fromenteau (Pinot Gris) and Arbanne were completed in 1989 to mark the 200 year anniversary of grape growing by the Aubry family.


酒莊家族成立於1791年,位於Montagne de Reims的重要村莊Jouy-les Reims裡以及擁有的其餘三個一級園村莊Pargny-les-Reims、Ville dommange, and Coulommes-la-Montagne中。栽種於石灰質與黏土層的土地中的葡萄園除了現今較熟為人知的Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier品種之外,現任莊主雙胞胎兄弟Pierre及Philippe致力於復興古典十八世紀風格的香檳風味,並期盼重現香檳原有的優雅面貌;遂特別著重種植香檳區當時的主要品種Arbanne, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris,並於1989年完成生產一系列的稀有酒款,以發揚Champagne AUBRY 歐布里家族的二百年光彩。

ABOUT them / 酒莊理念與風格

The Aubry twins, whose wine-making family goes back to 1791,  15 hectares of Premier Cru rated vineyards in the villages of Jouy-les-Reims, Villedommange and Coulommes, located in the Montagne de Reims growing area. The family owns Twin brothers Pierre and Philippe Aubry are making some of the most interesting Champagnes on the market today, and produce an amazing assortment of eight, quite different cuveés. Two of the cuveés contain three ancient grape varieties which are relatively unknown in Champagne today – Arbanne, Petit Meslier, and Fromenteau (aka Pinot Gris). They also produce two wines in a Sablé, or lower pressure style, reminiscent of the softer. These are bottled at 4 atmospheres pressure when most Champagnes are bottled at 6, allowing for a softer, creamier texture due to the small, fine bubbles.


 回到擁有二百年歷史,1791成立擁有15公頃的土地的家族裡;栽種五十片不同的葡萄園並分佈在Jouy-les-Reims, Ville Dommange and Coulommes三個村莊中,現任莊主雙胞胎兄弟Pierre和Philippe先生正在為現代市場釀造一些獨特並富有樂趣的酒款,當中涵蓋了八種帶有風土特性的香檳。其中頂級款系列的二種香檳(Sablé系列)更運用現今不常見的三個品種 - Arbanne, Petit Meslier, and Fromenteau (aka Pinot Gris),此款香檳並在釀造方式上降低了氣壓並帶出更圓潤、更具花果風味的香檳口感,而當主流風格常以六大氣壓作為香檳口感時,Champagne AUBRY的四大氣壓創造了更柔軟、更綿密以及更細緻的氣泡滋味以彰顯此兄弟的傑出味蕾與釀造工藝。

The range includes two rosés, a Demi-Sec, and four single vintage wines including a prestige cuveé called Aubry de Humbert. Pierre and Philippe's wines are classy, elegant and full-flavoured to the point of being intense - just try the different champagne they served! They are exceptional wines that never disappoint. If you can view these Champagnes as poems, as wonderful expressions of terroir, and have them with food, they will open your eyes to another world.


兄弟倆的酒款展現出古典、優雅以及紮實酒體下的濃郁姿態並生產酒坊裡卓越的粉紅香檳、半干甜香檳以及四款單一年份香檳包含當中著名的“Aubry de Humbert”。另外,不仿試試他們所釀造的佳釀,這些美妙的香檳們絕不會令你失望,如果你把這些香檳酒當作詩歌般朗讀;當作風土下的美好經驗或搭配著美食,Champagne AUBRY將會領你邁入不同的香檳國度,Cheers!


Premier Cru Brut Rosé, Champagne Aubry / 歐布里一級園粉紅香檳

村莊 : Jouy-lès-Reims/Champagne

葡萄品種 : 60%夏多內/Chardonnay、25%黑皮諾/Pinot Noir、15%皮諾莫尼耶紅酒/Pinot Meunier Red Wine

基酒年份年份 : 2007年

地塊:Jouy-lès-Reims(Les Noues)、Villedommange

添糖方式(Dosage):非常低(3 g./l)

培養方式 : 手工採摘 , 分置於小箱子內運送至酒莊 , 整個過程使葡萄不受擠壓 , 保存完整。不鏽鋼桶發酵完瓶中陳年18-26個月,除渣完後陳年三個月。

l  迷人的香氣帶出草莓、覆盆子、紅莓果的特性,豐富的酸度與類餅乾似的烘烤滋味讓人喜愛此清脆口感,餘韻討喜卻又綿密。 


/ Wine Spectator - "Bright and tangy, with saline and smoke notes underscoring the flavors of Roma apple, cherry and crunchy white peach. Lacy in texture, presenting a firm, minerally finish."


/ The Wine Advocate - "The NV Brut Rose is classy and elegant through and through. It shows lovely energy and focus in its freshly cut sweet roses, red berries and minerals. All of the aromas and flavors flow gracefully from this tense, precise Rose. Floral notes add further brightness and polish on the striking finish. This is a terrific showing.

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